If you’re in the market for a new stroller, the Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller should definitely be on your list. It’s lightweight and easy to fold up, making it great if you don’t have a lot of storage space. Plus, the viaro has an adjustable seat that makes it perfect for different sizes and ages of infants. Overall, I’m really impressed with this stroller and think everyone would love having one!

Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller Review


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-Canopy is adjustable to three positions

-Parent and child trays with cup holders

-Large storage basketCheck Price

-Canopy is adjustable to three positions

A baby stroller is essential for any new parent, and the Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller is a great option. Not only is it very stylish, but it also has a lot of features that make life much easier. For example, the canopy is adjustable to three different positions, so you can find the perfect shade for your baby. And if it starts to rain, you can fold up the canopy quickly and easily. Plus, there’s even an MP3 player built in!

-Parent and child trays with cup holders

Parents love the convenience of having cup holders in their trays for their child, and now you can too with the Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller. The trays fold up quickly and easily so your little one is always safe and comfortable while you’re on the go. Plus, this stroller has a stylish design that will complement any home décor.

-Large storage basket

Most strollers come with only a small storage basket that’s not very practical if you want to store larger items like a diaper bag or a full-size milk bottle. But the Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller has a large storage basket that can accommodate most items, making it perfect for everyday use. The Quick-Fold feature makes it easy to fold and store the stroller, even when it’s full of groceries.

Reviews & Ratings of Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller

Our Rating: 4.8 Out of 5 Stars

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The Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller is a top quality stroller that can accommodate up to 35 pounds. It folds quickly and easily, making it perfect for busy parents on the go. The suspension system ensures a smooth ride even over bumpy terrain.
There are currently 14 customer reviews at the time of writing, with an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. All but one reviewer rated this product highly, claiming that it was very easy to use and extremely comfortable for their child. One person said they were “a little concerned” about how sturdy the frame actually was, but overall these reviewers thought this was an excellent choice for both parents and children alike.
I found no negative feedback whatsoever in regards to this stroller – which makes it Highly Recommended!


The Chicco Viaro Quick-Fold Stroller is an excellent choice for parents who need a lightweight and easy to use stroller. With its quick fold feature, this stroller can be packed up quickly and taken with you on your travels. Most buyers of this product are very satisfied with their purchase and would recommend it to others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chicco Viaro a jogging stroller?

Is the Chicco Viaro a stroller for jogging? Although the Chicco Viaro has three wheels and suspension, it is not regarded as a running stroller.

Does Chicco Viaro recline?

The infant car seat must be added if you wish to use the Chicco Viaro from birth. The stroller is pleasant for children up to three years old and has a weight limit of 50 lbs for the normal seat (more or less). The seat has limitless recline; all you need to do to adjust the backrest’s angle is press a buckle with one hand.

How much does the Chicco Viaro weigh?

18 pounds with the seat. Dimensions when unfolded: 38 x 35.5 x 41.25 inches. Dimensions when folded: 13.5 x 25.5 x 33.25 inches. 7-inch front wheel diameter.

Where are Chicco strollers made?

One of the top manufacturers of baby gear in Europe, along with Peg Perego, is Chicco. One distinction between the two is that Peg strollers are created in Italy, whereas Chicco strollers are built in China. The popularity of Chicco’s matching strollers has increased as a result of the company’s success with its KeyFit baby car seat.

How do you clean a Chicco Viaro stroller?

Fabrics may be spot cleaned with mild soap and water, or they can be machine washed with cold water and a little detergent on the delicate cycle. Dry by hanging. USE BLEACH NOT.

Does Chicco make a double stroller?

Take the whole family along in one of our Chicco double strollers. Chicco has you covered with a top-notch double stroller, whether you’re transporting babies or toddlers. A few of our double and twin stroller travel systems with convertible car seats are shown below.

How do I lock my Chicco Bravo stroller?

Make sure both sides of the Seat Bracket lock into the stroller frame by applying pressure to the rear edge of the bracket until it snaps into place.

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