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If you’re looking for a stroller that will keep your kids safe while they enjoy a walk, the Contours – Element – Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller is perfect. The Contours doesn’t just look good; it’s designed with safety in mind and can accommodate two children weighing up to 60 pounds each at once! It has an adjustable canopy that helps shield their faces from the sun when outdoors, as well as leg support cushions to make walking more comfortable for both of them. I recommend this product because parents need something easy and convenient like this in order to have fun on walks without any frustration or difficulty.

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Features of Contours – Element – Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller – Storm Grey

Reviews & Ratings of Contours – Element – Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Convertible Stroller – Storm Grey

Our Rating: 4.1 Out of 5 Stars

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The Contours – Element is a side-by-side single to double convertible stroller that has lots of features. It can hold two children up to 45 pounds at the same time, and it will adjust automatically as your child grows.
I found 4 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had awarded this product 4 stars out of 5 on average. One reviewer said “Had I seen this sooner I would have bought it immediately” which was followed by three more positive statements about how easy it is for parents to assemble, how light weight it feels when carrying around, and finally its durability after being used in different weather conditions such as rain or snow.
I see no reason not to recommend the Contours – Element with confidence based solely on these four reviews – although there are probably many other things you could like better than this model for what you want from a stroller!


The Contours – Element is a great stroller for the parents who are looking to buy their first and need something more versatile. It has reclinable seats that will accommodate tall children, your baby can ride in either seat as they please, it’s fully weather-proofed with easy access to parent controls right on top of the handles so you don’t have to struggle around changing them when needed, and it comes with an extra set of wheels so you always have backups if one breaks or gets stuck. If this product seems like what you’re looking for then I would definitely recommend purchasing it!

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