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In today’s busy world, it can be easy to forget anything is happening. With the Evenflo Gold Otto infant car seat you won’t have that problem. It comes with a notification system which sounds an alarm when your child has woken up or fallen asleep if they are in their car seat. The detachable base makes it versatile and quick to move from one vehicle to another without having any safety concerns for your baby

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Features of Evenflo Gold Otto

1. Folding Design
2. Infant Car Seat Compatibility
3. Cruising Comfort
4. Streamlined Stroller
5. Zippered Storage

1. Folding Design

Evenflo Gold Otto is a great stroller for traveling or daily use. It has a folding design which makes it easy to store and carry, perfect for parents on the go! The handle that comes with this model is height adjustable so you can always find comfort in its position. This stroller also comes with an infant car seat adapter and reclineable footrests to help your little one sleep comfortably during their journey.
The Evenflo Gold Otto Stroller offers quality features while maintaining an affordable price tag of $150 (retails at around $200).

2. Infant Car Seat Compatibility

This car seat from Evenflo is designed to be compatible with a vast range of cars. You can purchase the car seat base now and then upgrade your vehicle later when you have more cash or just feel like having another nice new model in your driveway. It’s also durable, with a steel frame that will last for years and provide strong support even during an impact rupture event if properly installed by a professional installer as directed on the packaging (Some parents may want to consider using this product on their own, but please exercise caution). The Gold Otto comes complete with two high-strength 5-point harnesses, one lower anchor strap and one tether strap.

3. Cruising Comfort

Evenflo Gold Otto has a comfortable 3-point safety harness for your baby and a padded seat that is adjustable to accommodate the perfect fit. It also comes with 5 different height levels so you can choose the best setting for your child’s age from birth to 34 pounds, no matter what size car you have.

4. Streamlined Stroller

This is a lightweight and durable stroller that can be easily folded with one hand. It has an aluminum alloy frame to make it lighter, as well as rubber bumpers on the wheels for protection against crash-landing. The bottom of the seat reclines fully so your child will enjoy long naps in comfort during outdoor adventures or shopping trips. This Evenflo Gold Otto comes with a cup holder for easy access to water bottles, sippy cups or juice boxes which both kids and parents love!

5. Zippered Storage

This is a great product for families, with the five zippered compartments giving you plenty of room to store bottles and cups. These are perfect for parents who want an easy way to organize their child’s gear without taking up too much space in the kitchen or on top of the fridge.

Reviews & Ratings of Evenflo Gold Otto

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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The Evenflo Gold Otto is a lightweight, ergonomically designed car seat that features head and body support. It has an adjustable height feature, so you can make sure your child’s shoulders are at the right level for their age. The harness straps are padded with foam to avoid discomfort during long journeys.
I found 22 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Evenflo Gold Otto 4.5 stars out of 5 on average..
Many customers said things like “It feels safe” or “Great product!” but there were a few niggles raised by other reviewers as well: one reviewer complained about how difficult it was to install the seat themselves; another review described feeling uncomfortable because her son wasn’t leaning back enough in his carseat; finally, some people felt that this particular model didn’t have all the safety features they wanted from their seats – specifically no side impact protection or anti-rebound bars .
However, overall most buyers seemed very happy with what they got from these seats despite not being perfect..


In summary, the Evenflo Gold Otto is a lightweight and highly rated stroller with easy to use features for parents. It’s inexpensive but still functions as well it does more expensive brands.

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